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What makes PIS the most preferred school in Attapur

PIS the most preferred school in Attapur
PIS the most preferred school in Attapur: What constitutes a good quality education? And how can you ensure one for your child? When it comes to Attapur, look no further than PIS, Attapur. The best school in Attapur. With excellent guidance, a diversified curriculum, and a well-developed infrastructure, we are ready to meet all the needs of your child when it comes to education.

Why PIS?

PIS has brought education of an international standard in your very own city. PIS is one of the best CBSE schools in Attapur and promises facilities and education diversified in all fields. We try to bring out and nurture the in-bourne potential in every child and help them discover their talents and capabilities by promoting uninhibited learning and freedom to explore a variety of fields and disciplines right from an early age. 

The students of PIS Attapur grow up to be self-confident and self-sufficient interviews, landing admissions in the top universities and colleges and they always excel in whatever field they might pursue. The different approach to understanding the individuality and originality in every kid is what makes students at PIS Attapur different. So if you wish for your kid to learn in the best possible environment, choose PIS Attapur without a second thought. 

A road of excellence laden with achievements:

It is not just the parents that recognize and appreciate the quality of education offered at PIS Attapur. The best school in Attapur, PIS has been graced with a number of laurels, awards, and recognitions:

  • The best High School Award, ranked #21 in Telangana and one of the top schools in Attapur in 2017
  • Celebrating 25 years of excellence award 
  • School excellence award by Brainfeed in 2018
  • #1 emerging School by The Times of India group in 2018

These awards and achievements just stand as small milestones in a long road of excellence for many years to come. The best award-winning school in Attapur, PIS definitely lives up to all these awards and recognitions and much more!

What is special about us?

Our specialty lies in the way we have designed our curriculum to suit the individual needs of every child. Our aim is to nurture and hone the inherent talent in every child as well as provide them with a plethora of opportunities to acquire many more new skills and talents, we promote the uninhibited growth and development of every child. Right from the beginner classes, we begin a slow and steady process of developing and molding young minds with comprehensive care and nurturing.

We believe that success in any aspect can only be achieved through slow and relentless progress which definitely bears good results in the long run. Our goal is not limited to making your child shine just within the school but to provide and promote skills and values that will be beneficial for their futures and help them grow into successful adults.

Providing Exposure: A necessity in today’s era:

In a world as competitive as today, there is a proper need for a child to be exposed to a variety of things like different co-curricular activities, people from different regions, diversified cultures, and their subsequent traditions as well as foreign languages. We believe that providing proper exposure to our students makes them ready to take on the wide wide array of opportunities that the world offers.

We hope to widen the horizons of our students and open as many gates as possible to them. For this purpose, our pedagogy and curriculum are designed to include exclusive exposure to various activities and disciplines, foreign cultures and languages, right from a young age, so that your child acquires a commendable skill set and a range of talents as they transition into adulthood. We make sure that the most important time of a person’s life- i.e., their time as a student is spent most fruitfully and in the most perfect manner. 

Every student of PIS grows into a responsible citizen:

Whilst we push and pay a lot of emphasis on the personal growth and development of a child, our education methodology is not one ounce behind on inculcating values like community values, thankfulness to nature, responsibilities, and place in the country and the world at large. Our students are highly cooperative and amicable in nature and know how to behave responsibly towards the society that has given so much to them. They undoubtedly become great assets to whichever city or country they are a part of and contribute towards the growth and development of the society in every way possible. 

We promote the uniqueness in every child and instead of trying to fit them into pre-defined boxes, we believe that the best comes out when an individual is allowed to grow the way he/she prefers and is suited for, and at PIS Attapur, we recognize that vey quality and refine it to astounding degrees. 

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