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About Us

Top School in Attapur

PIS Attapur envisions a brighter and successful future for every child, by letting the child grow in all spheres through leaps and bounds. Our commitment and dedication make us top school in Attapur. We believe in the uniqueness of each child and let it hone, trading greater paths for them. 

Our Vision

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all’ – Aristotle.

Our vision is to deepen the fondness in each child for learning and let their individual growth be harnessed by the essence of high moral values, making them more efficient.

Slowly and steadily developing young minds by continuous and comprehensive nurturing. Education directing their brains and values are biding their hearts.


vision-top school in Attapur
PIS Attapur - Top School in Attapur
mission - top school in Attapur
PIS Attapur- Top School in Attapur

Our Mission

We are our students with great educational skills as well as righteousness, to be a responsible and humble individual of society.

We address the curiosity of each child for empowering the thinker and communicator in them to let them discover the wide world which lies ahead of them.

Our students are molded to be principled, open-minded, balanced, caring, and risk-takers, acknowledging cultural diversity, the need for sustaining the mother earth, and for formulating peaceful solutions.

We boost all students to have opinions and thoughts of their own and confidence to voice their thoughts in front of the world.

Our students are grown to great international standards and understanding levels, further contributing to society with their morality. Every student from PIS proved to be an asset to the revolutionary time and seeks throughout their lifetime.


The school aims to achieve the following:

  1. 1. To impart a wholesome academic curriculum, to equip every child for admission into top education institutes through assessing their individuality and learning strategies responding to it, even student exchange program in national and international. We also have foreign Languages as part of our module aiming to be the top school in Attapur and the best international school in Attapur.
    2. To aid students with outstanding teaching resources, for all-around and wholesome learning at all stages with a broad-spectrum curriculum in the top school in Attapur.
    3. Imbibe the right values in the students, for full-fledged growth including the spirit of teamwork, self-motivation, sensitivity, and compassion. Practically applied knowledge and hands-on creative clubs like robotics, aeromodelling, Sci-fi society, and many more.
    4. To assist students with well-structured and develop infrastructure for honing their arts and sports edge while letting them discover themselves. Facilities like horse riding arena and polo club are provided, making it the top school in Attapur and the best school in Attapur.
    5. Developing a sense of community and their responsibility towards the country by recognizing their place and importance in the worldwide systems by small extracurricular programs like Pallavi Cares program (Community service) and Green Rangers.







Admission Open For AY 2024-2025


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