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How online education has become important during covid-19

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Online education has become important during covid-19: A wise man once said that tomorrow is never promised for anyone. This is what the entire world witnessed when the Coronavirus pandemic broke out as a Global Pandemic in the spring of 2020. This breakout was disastrous and unexpected for everyone and resulted in many nations suffering on a large scale in terms of lives, economic activity, and last but not least education.

Education is a process that is extremely important for any nation’s growth and development, an educated youth can contribute to society in many positive ways and be a responsible citizen of any country in general. For this purpose, education needed to be continued even during nationwide lockdowns in compliance with social distancing norms and students being physically unable to attend schools and colleges. This is exactly where online education came into the picture and changed the world of education for years to come. 

Online education and distance learning courses still existed and worked successfully before the pandemic broke out. However, since the worldwide spread of the ongoing pandemic, it has become more prominent and significant than ever. It will not be an understatement to say that online learning quite literally defined education for students in the year 2020 and 2021. 

How has online education helped keep the beacon of education alive during the insufferable times of the pandemic and what does this envision for the upcoming future and the changes that may be witnessed in the field of education and its conventional ways, continue reading to find out- 

  1. It has allowed access to education from the comfort of one’s home:

One thing that all of us feared the most during the covid-19 pandemic was going out of our houses and potentially exposing ourselves and even contracting the life-threatening viral disease. This fear was even more grave for students, who along with this were hugely stressed due to the inevitable suspension of all educational activities, which directly endangered their future. However, once conditions were suitable enough, online classes came in, and through certain mistakes and a bit of adjustment, the process of learning started in full swing again. 

  1. It opened the gates of education for students who previously could not access quality education:

Since the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the popularisation and increasing use of online learning, distance and remote learning, it opened the doors to quality education to students who were bound by their boundations of time, place, and expenses during the usual physically held classes at schools and colleges. With the rapid growth in educational institutes offering online learning these students could also gain access to classes and enroll in courses they formerly could not. This is a huge achievement as this might directly contribute to increasing the literacy rate in the country.

  1. It highlighted the benefits of online learning:

Conventionally, online learning was considered to be the “inferior” form of learning when it was compared to normal classroom teaching. But the pandemic allowed many people to realize that online learning can be as if not more effective than usual classroom learning. This is because it allows for personalized and self-paced learning which is much better for many students. Along with this, online education also opens access to the plethora of information on various topics that is available on the internet, this helps in better understanding. It is also time-saving for both students and teachers. 

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  1. It will prepare the education system for any unexpected situations in the future:

As we are now, it is impossible for anyone to predict the future. However, it is always important to equip and prepare ourselves for any unprecedented happenings in the future so that we do not suffer. Online education during the time of the covid-19 pandemic has taught us that we can continue our education without suffering losses even in the most unexpected of times. It has certainly safeguarded the future of a thousand students who can be reassured that their education won’t be hampered by any such occurrences in the future. 

  1. It has prepared us for a more tech-savvy era:

With the fast pace of technological development in the last few decades, online education was bound to come into the picture sooner or later. Online education during the Covid-19 pandemic prepared us for this change. Now both the students as well as the teachers are better equipped with technical skills and have even adapted perfectly well to the online method of teaching and learning. We are already seeing innovations and unique learning and teaching strategies when it comes to online teaching and creativity always leaves room for further evolution and innovation. 

These are some ways in which the introduction of online education during the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the scene in the world of education. In the post-covid era, there are even suggestions of developing more distance and remote learning courses or teaching through a blend of both offline and online learning (called blended learning). Big changes always leave a huge impact as their aftermath which greatly influences the future. Online education is no exception. With the way it has been received by students and teachers all around the world, the impact is sure to be a positive one. 

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