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Understanding the brain of a teenager and helping them cope

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How do you remember your teenage years? Most of us would recall it as days of high adrenaline rush! These are the days when you are actually swinging between being a child and an adult. You are expected to act mature when at the same time, others say you are not old enough to take big decisions. 

Our children are most vulnerable to mental instability during their teenage years. They are presented with a lot of appealing alternatives and challenged to choose the best amongst them. They struggle with mental and emotional security. 

The relationship between parents and teenage children is very critical. Children at this age start demanding a certain degree of freedom which parents at times are reluctant to allow. This may cause an unwanted disturbance in the family and hence it is important for parents who stand obviously on a more mature front to handle the differences and find a reasonable path to resolve them.  

The challenge of effectively dealing with teenage children is not just against the parents. Teachers and everyone who is a part of the system has equal responsibility of ensuring a healthy atmosphere for children to learn and grow. 

In order to understand the needs of a teenager, we will have to see from their perspective. Only when we step into their shoes, will we be able to comprehend their requirements. Now you must be thinking every parent and teacher has already been through this age but do not forget that society is a dynamic concept. There is a generation gap between you and your child and hence, the problems and modes of dealing with them also need to adapt with time. 

Do not enforce your age-old theories on them. Try to make advice based on the present because during this age if you constantly speak to them about your past, they’ll get frustrated. Also don’t compare them with you or any of their friends. Every child is unique and special in its own way. Make sure they feel valued at all times.

This is the phase of changing relationships. Become a friend to your child. Take them out sometimes, maybe for a coffee or simply a walk down the lane. Spend quality time with them because only when they see your efforts, they’ll value your relationship. 

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Make sure you do not compare their performance. This will cause harm to their self-esteem which is not a positive impact you cast on them. Try to motivate them all the time, either through your words or actions. 

Maintain a healthy environment for them to learn more efficiently. Avoid arguments or using harsh sentences before them. Watch your words because they might have an everlasting echo in teenage minds. 

They experience a lot of physical changes during this period which they might not be able to understand. Make them comfortable in sharing their doubts with you. It is your responsibility to make them aware of these changes and be confident about their body. For this, you can also share your experiences with them.

Understanding the brain of a teenager can be a complex task but remember it is not impossible for you, all you have to do is pay attention to them and address their growing needs. This is a crucial period for them because their status then will decide their future. Hence it is imperative for all parents and teachers out there to build an unbreakable bond with their ward and have a comfortable space with them. 

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