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5 Reasons Why Kindness should be taught in schools

5 Reasons Why Kindness should be taught in schools

Kindness is not something that we read in stories, it is something that comes from within. But as a child in the initial years who is unaware of good or bad, there has to be a motivating force that instills values of kindness in a child.

So who will serve as that motivating force?

A child spends most of his productive time in school where he makes mistakes, gets corrected, and learns from them. So definitely a school is that motivating factor that will inspire a child to be kind for his life ahead. 

Kindness is inherently an important trait of a good human being and facilitators at schools are entrusted with this great responsibility of carving goodness in little children. Of Course, parents play an important role in teaching children values, but schools can bring a bigger change in this respect. Science has proven there are good reasons why so many of us can’t get enough of those addictive, feel-good emotions and explains why kindness is important with evidence of many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. But of great significance for schools, it’s a powerful and free resource to reduce anti-social and bullying behavior.

Here is a list of top 5 reasons why kindness should be taught in schools:

  • Greater Self Esteem

When a child does something good to someone, appreciate his acts of kindness. It is through these words of appreciation that he gets motivated to do better. When a child is appreciated, his self-esteem is enhanced and with a rich sense of oneself, a child grows better into a happy adult.

  • Happy children, happy future!

Children today are the citizens of tomorrow. They are going to take the country to newer heights and are going to form the face of the nation on the international platform in the coming days. Thus it is essential to ensure a healthy mind for them. Instilling the spirit of doing the best you can for others, be it humans or any other animal, and not expecting anything in return is not ordinary. It is praiseworthy in all forms.

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Children who have cultivated such habits perceive things differently and tend to be happier and lead optimistic life. Therefore schools shall ensure that kindness is taught to their students so that they lead a happy life ahead.

  • Reduced bullying and depression among young children

Bullying and ragging have become common crimes among children these days. Inspired by western culture and other tv series, more children are getting engaged in these anti-social activities. Thus it has become even more important to teach children to be kind to their fellow mates so that they do not, intentionally or unintentionally harm or injure the mental wellness of others. They should ensure a healthy atmosphere just not for themselves but for everyone around them. They shall be taught to remain empathetic towards everyone.    

  • Greater Social Responsibility

A person who is taught kindness right from the initial years of his life shows greater traits of being responsible towards the society they inhabit. They show greater empathy and devotion towards serving people. They want to do the best and achieve the most in life but they also want others to do good in life. They prefer healthy competition. They will never want to pull others down or harm them. 

  • Foundation of crime free nation

Amidst falling pillars of goodness in the present generation, it has become even more important to make the virtues like kindness and honesty stronger in young children. Young children with strong inner conscience grow up to become citizens that are driven by high standards of moral behavior. Their conscience does not allow them to hurt or injure others and this will eventually lead to a decline in the rate of crimes.

Being kind does not just have these few advantages. There are many advantages of teaching kindness and a child will learn them at different stages of his life.

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