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21 Reasons to send a child greeting card

The culture of instant messaging, WhatsApp and other short messaging services have killed the beauty of handwritten letters and cards. Most of us have beautiful memories of receiving letters or greeting cards in our name from our childhood days. It is indeed a very effective way of communicating your feelings.

Children in this century hardly write letters. All they receive is short typed messages on their birthdays and other occasions. 

To reinstate the love of writing and communication in children, we as parents and guardians should send them cards and letters. 

Here are 21 reasons (which are just a few of them) why you should give a child a greeting card as many times as you can in your life and watch their pretty little faces bright!

  1. Special occasions

It’s their birthday, Christmas, children’s day or any other big day of their life, make it even more special with your wishes written for them on a piece of card and most of them will keep it for their lives.

  1. Making an ordinary day special

Even if it is an ordinary day, leave no chance to make a little kid feel any less special. Sometimes send them cards for no reason just to light up their pretty faces. 

  1. Appreciation

When a child does something exemplary, appreciate him by sending your cute little greeting cards. Celebrate their actions and behaviour with something they can proudly carry for their lives.

  1. Encouragement

When a child has an exam or is nervous to try something new, boost his confidence with your card and convey your faith in them. This will calm down the anxiety rush in them.

  1. Apology Cards

If you didn’t behave well or became aggressive in front of the child, apologise to him in writing. You are not just conveying a sorry when you do this, you are teaching them the power of forgiveness.

  1. Thank you Cards

If a child has been a help to you in your life and it can be in any form, be it in doing chores or anything else, do not miss this chance of thanking him with a card that will stay with him for a very long time.

  1. Conveying a life lesson

Sometimes what cannot be achieved verbally can be very easily communicated in writing. If you wish to create a lifelong impact on a child, give him something in writing.

  1. You are glad they are a part of your life

A child who makes a difference in your life surely deserves special treatment. Tell him you feel blessed to have him in your life and the impact he has on you and watches his heart go zip zap zoo!

  1. When a child motivates you

There are moments in life when a child unknowingly teaches you something big and their words can bring a positive change in the way you look at things. They can vary innocently send you positive vibes on days you feel lost. Don’t let this moment go without you thanking them enough by sending them a beautiful note.

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  1. To tell them they are “Special”

Never ever should a child feel that he is any less special. Help them realise how unique they are and the difference they make in this world by writing it to them.

  1. When they are upset

When a child around you feels low, you can bring back his brightest smile just by giving him something funny in writing or by your caricatures. This is the easiest way to restore a child’s happy mood.

  1. You forgot to get a gift

If a child is expecting a gift from you, maybe because it is his b’day or any other occasion and you being busy forgot to bring him one! Don’t worry you still have a chance. You can still save him from getting upset by making a greeting card for him.

  1. For sharing secrets

Cards and letters are hands down the most trusted ways of sharing secrets. If you plan to share one with a child, give him in writing.

  1. For sharing the good news

If you have amazing news to share, build the excitement and then share it in writing with your little friend to double the celebration.

  1. Send them riddles

Planning on a treasure hunt for a child? 

Send them clues and riddles in creative cards to make your game more enjoyable.

  1. They lost a match

When a child loses a match or a contest, teach them the spirit of sportsmanship and never give up through a creative card. This will boost their mood as well and convey a life lesson to them effortlessly.

  1. You have got a surprise for them

You can build the excitement before revealing the surprise by sending them cute notes and mini cards. 

  1. You are leaving them alone for the first time

If you are a parent and you are leaving them with their grandparents or uncles for the first time, give them a note stating how much you will miss them and why you want them to behave well. Give them a box of goodies with a love note.

  1. You cooked his favourite meal

When you cook his favourite food, serve him a greeting card and tell him how much you love to cook for him.

  1. He got A+

When a child excels in his exams, you should appreciate him. This motivates a child to continue to do better. There is nothing better than a congratulatory card that you can give them to celebrate their success.

  1. Because you love him!

Is there any reason bigger than this? To ensure a secure connection between a child and you, ensure you leave no chance to tell them that you love them more than anything in this world. 

Greeting cards are not just pieces of paper. They are feelings that will never change no matter how far the person is.

Children will grow over time and these cards and letters are their treasures from their childhood days. Besides teaching them comprehension skills, you are creating beautiful memories for them.

It does not take much effort to bring a smile to a child’s face. Share happiness and compassion with children and watch how your days light up with smiles.

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